Modos de Expresión explores the relationship between a Cuban street artist and the city of Havana as he deals with the reality of an illegal art form and a strict government.  

Director’s note

Modos de Expresión, (Means of Expression) is a film that explores illegal public art in Cuba through the eyes of street artist Yulier P. As of December 2018, President Díaz-Canel signed Decree 349, which prohibits any art form from being made or performed without written permission from the Ministry of Culture. The rules about what the art can and cannot be about is long and restrictive, making it nearly impossible for artists to be truly expressive. Despite these difficulties, Yulier P. does all that he can to portray his Cuban reality through murals on abandoned or dilapidated structures across the city, hoping to inspire conversation and change in his country. 

-Vida Lercari

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